(These reports have been submitted to the EC for approval and as such the are still to be considered as drafts)

D 1.6 Updated factsheets of the demo plants with summary on the performance (2018)

D 1.18 Update from demonstration plants (construction, monitoring, demonstration activities) (2018)

D 2.1 Report on regulations governing AD and NRR in EU member states (2018)

D 3.3 Factsheets of the outreach locations (2018)

D 4.1 Press release (EN FR ES NL DE IT FI) (2017)

D 4.3 Dissemination materials from year 1 (2018)


Article on SYSTEMIC on the Impact Journal (Dec 2018)

Product factsheets (the factsheets for mineral concentrate and struvite will further be updated in 2019):


SYSTEMIC calls for harmonised EU regulations on the free trade of fertilising products to overcome innovation barriers and thereby stimulate a Circular Economy in the EU. Read here the full policy note.