Demonstration plants

At five large-scale demonstration plants, SYSTEMIC demonstrates new approaches for the vaporisation of bio waste into green energy, fertilisers and organic soil improves. More info

Outreach plants

Since a systemic innovation of within a circular economy framework demands that the approaches developed must be applicable at other locations than the demonstration sites. Therefore, ten outreach locations will be selected which will act as the (first) followers. SYSTEMIC will develop region-specific business cases for the individual outreach locations plants taking into account the available resources in the region and the need of minerals and organic amendments in the region. More information

Call open for anaerobic digestion plants to participate as outreach plants in SYSTEMIC.

Privileged partner plant

In order to make our Business Development Tool more robust, we are looking for AD plants who are willing to share information on their process (recovery rates), input streams and end products with us you. These plants will become privileged partner plants.
Communication of information to the SYSTEMIC consortium will be personal, via e-mail or telephone. All information will be treated confidential and will not be made public and kept anonymous. It will only serve to extend the database behind the Business Development Tool.

In return, the privileged partner plants will have these benefits:

Their logo will appear on the SYSTEMIC website

They will have access to online communication platform of the Living Labs where questions about the techniques, end products, etc. can be posed and will be answered during the Living Lab workshops. They will be receive newsletters with intermediate project results and reports on the Living Lab workshops. They are invited to attendance the final workshop revealing the results of all Living Labs workshops and Business Development Package before it goes public, bringing all stakeholders together.