The eleven outreach locations were selected from a larger group of interested plants. The non-selected AD plants were offered the possibility to remain connected to SYSTEMIC as a ‘Associated plant’.

Benefits of the Associated Plants

Associated Plants will

  • -be invited to join the workshops and meetings organised with the outreach locations and will be asked to bring in their experiences regarding nutrient recovery of biomass streams.*
  • -get the opportunity to visit each other *
  • -receive exclusive newsletters & reports:
    • -on progress of outreach locations towards nutrient recovery
    • -on visits to demo plants, outreach locations and associated plants
    • -with intermediate project results
    • -on the development of the Business Development Package
    • -on the progress development of large scale NRR on demo plants
    • -analyses on end products and pot & field trials

*travel costs and accomodation are not reimbursed by the SYSTEMIC project

Conditions of participation

Through questionnaires we will ask you to supply us information on your current business case and process.

Information asked will be:

compositon of feedstock, digestate and end products

-energy consumption

-costs (gate fee, transport cost,…)

-water use

None of the information will be published without your consent and you supply us as much information as you like.

Do you want to join the project as an Associated plant?

Complete the pdf with a fact sheet on your biogas plant, save it on your computer and send it to

Click on the logo of an Associated Plant to see a detailed fact sheet

Associated Plants

Video’s of Associated Plants

Wastewater treatment plant Amersfoort, Ostara technology, the Netherlands

Arbio bvba, Belgium

Group op de Beeck, Belgium

(video in Dutch)