The eleven outreach locations were selected from a larger group of interested plants. The non-selected AD plants were offered the possibility to remain connected to SYSTEMIC as a ‘Associated plant’.

Benefits of the Associated Plants

Associated Plants will

  • be invited to join the workshops and meetings organised with the outreach locations and will be asked to bring in their experiences regarding nutrient recovery of biomass streams.*
  • get the opportunity to visit each other *
  • receive exclusive newsletters & reports:
    •  on progress of outreach locations towards nutrient recovery
    • on visits to demo plants, outreach locations and associated plants
    • with intermediate project results
    • on the development of the Business Development Package
    • on the progress development of large scale NRR on demo plants
    • analyses on end products and pot & field trial

*travel costs and accomodation are not reimbursed by the SYSTEMIC project

Conditions of participation

Through questionnaires we will ask you to supply us information on:

  • the characterisation of the region your plant is located (manure surplus region, a lot of/few agro industry, …)
  • characteristics of your biogas plant (thermophilic/mesophilic, digester volume, installed electric capacity,…)
  • capacity of feedstock processing
  • your drivers for nutriënt recovery
  • characterisation of your feedstock
  • what is done with heat from the CHPs
  • current disposal of end products
  • composition and amount of digestate/end products
  • current problems/barriers
  • basic process scheme
  • regional legislation
  • energy market
  • separation and recovery efficiencies
  • chemicals and additives used
  • Expected region-specific market opportunities for digestate products and recoverd organic and mineral fertilizers

Associated Plants

Do you want to join the project as an Associated plant?