AMPower, Flanders, Belgium (Demonstration plant)

Plant description: AM-Power is the largest bio gas plant in Belgium and has a treatment capacity of 180 000 ton. The organic waste streams originate from the intensive aggro-industrial activities (manure) and associated food industry. Am Power is located in the northern part of Belgium and this region is characterised by an excess of animal manure and yet a high market demand for formulated synthetic fertilisers. This implies that within the same region (as is illustrative for many similar aggro-industrial regions throughout Europe) nutrients present in raw slurries, have a negative value, whereas synthetic fertilisers are in high demand enjoying a positive value.

Innovation: Am Power will implement a vaporiser and reverse osmosis system for the production of mineral concentrates from bio waste. Empower will demonstrate that the production of concentrated liquid fertilisers by NRR technologies is economically profitable.

Products & Benefits: The process produces liquid mineral concentrates, rich in N and K, that can be used to replace synthetic mineral N,K fertilisers.

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