The outreach plants

SYSTEMIC starts with studying different aspects (technological, economical, ecological,…) on 5 demo plants. These represent business cases where different nutrient recovery techniques are already implemented.
Since a systemic innovation of within a circular economy framework demands that the approaches developed must be applicable at other locations than the demonstration sites. Therefore, ten outreach locations will be selected which will act as the (first) followers. SYSTEMIC will develop region-specific business cases for the individual outreach locations plants taking into account the available resources in the region and the need of minerals and organic amendments in the region.
This supplies the plant owners with the necessary information on the technological possibilities, the operational aspects, mass and energy balances and product qualities which enables the plant owners to evaluate their own specific business cases and to decide upon an investment. The business model development at the ten outreach locations will lead to a set of ten new business opportunities where concrete investors and innovators will be brought together. This forms the basis for further exploitation of the newly developed nutrient recycling and recovery technologies and business cases.
Moreover, the outreach locations will be used for testing and validation of the business development package to be developed during the SYSTEMIC project. This is a tool which will ultimately make data available on the economic performance, environmental benefits, and experiences on innovating within a Circular Economy framework and can be used for further application in Europe.
The outreach locations should be large-scale AD plant owners equipped with state-of-the-art digesters or entrepreneurs or companies who consider to invest in nutrient recovery techniques.
The selection will be made based on their geographic location, technical specifications and feed stock and their potential to implement the developed technologies and business plans on their own plant in the near future. The group of outreach locations will also cover EU’s most abundant bio waste streams (manure, sewage sludge, food waste).

Participate as an outreach plant

In order to evaluate the prospects of such nutrient recovery techniques, we are looking for AD-plant owners or entrepreneurs interested in nutrient recovery from (regions with nutrient issues) all over Europe, who are considering to invest in nutrient recovery techniques and interested in evaluation of the options and prospects for the valorization of digestate on their own plant.
The consortium will select ten outreach locations, based on different criteria (geographic location, capacity, input streams, readiness to invest (but no obligation to invest), innovativeness of the company, communication in English, etc.).
If you are willing to join as an outreach location check the documentation section below.

Your benefits


This cooperation will enable your company to access further information and options for business planning regarding the prospect and feasibility of nutrient recovery from dig estate and to enhance the economic, environmental and societal relevance.

Conditions for participation


  • Attending about 4 project meetings in the period 2017 – 2020 in order to exchange views and knowledge on the needs and applicability of the project’s method and other key events of common interest which are relevant for the outcome and dissemination of the project. Travel and hotel costs to attend the meetings will be reimbursed.
  • Capacity AD-plant / future AD-plant / business model of at least 15.000 tonnes/year.
  • Supply information on your current business case, feed stock and product characteristics, and mass and energy balances.
  • Approval for dissemination of your business case (no confidential information) through workshops, fact sheets, etc.
  • The consortium will select ten outreach locations, based on different criteria (geographic location, capacity, input streams, readiness to invest (but no obligation to invest), innovativeness of the company, communication in English, etc.).


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This call is launched within project SYSTEMIC, which received funding from the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation program under the grant agreement No: 7304000. The 4 year project was launched on the 1 of June 2017 and the consortium consists out of the following partners: Wageningen University and Research, AM-Power, Groot Zevert Vergisting, Acqua & Sole S.r.l., Rika Biofuels Development Ltd, GNS – Gesellschaft für Nachhaltige Stoffnutzung mbH, A-Farmers Ltd, ICL Fertilizers Europe, Nijhuis Water Technology BV, Proman management GmbH, Ghent University, Milano University, Flemish Coordination centre for Manure processing (VCM), European Biogas Association, Rural investment Support for Europe (RISE).