Market research report on products recovered from digestate in Europe

The SYSTEMIC report on “Market research in Europe” has been finalised and published on the SYSTEMIC website (read the full report). The report aims to inspire biogas plants to develop the marketing route that is best fitted for the products obtained through nutrient recovery and reuse technologies (NRR) or vice versa. It does this by focusing on the different steps that need to be looked at when a marketing route for recovered nutrients is chosen or developed. Read more.

The general demand for nutrients in different regions in Europe is mapped related to the most dominant crops cultivated. NRR derived products that best fit these demands combined with recommendations and application limits in these regions are suggested. Following this approach,  another chapter zooms in on the 10 Outreach Locations in SYSTEMIC.

By processing the digestate with different technologies, new end-products are obtained for which there is usually no market yet, usally because they are new on the market and unknown to the potential end users. To overcome this, the report gives an overview of the desired characteristics of these end products by end users (farmers and fertilizer industry). Tables with indicative values for volumes, contaminants, nutrient content and prices are presented to give the biogas plants a better idea on what their new products should look like. To get them started or to further improve the actual marketing (as fertilisers), some concrete tips and ticks are given.

The report further investigated the potential of some niche markets for recovered nutrients and organic matter from digestate to encourage biogas plant owners to look beyond the market of fertilisers if their products comply with certain specific characteristics.

A few success stories from biogas plants that have achieved synergies with others or created their own sustainable, circular marketing route closes this complete report which we expect will be of interest to many!