Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of plants completed

For the development of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), business cases of five demonstration and two outreach plants were evaluated and reported in a Business Case Evaluation Report.

Apart from the apparent use of EBITA- (earnings before interest, tax and amortisation) and EBIT- (earnings before interest and tax) margins measuring the overall profitability of a business, three additional specific KPIs have been derived from the main material and energy flows of the anaerobic digestion plants providing indicators for:

  • Overall substrate financial productivity i.e. total revenues per ton of substrate processed in EUR/t.
  • Energy related financial productivity measuring the energy related financial productivity of biogas, i.e. the net revenues from energy supplies per m³ of biogas in EUR/m³.
  • Digestate related financial productivity measuring the digestate related financial productivity of substrates, i.e. net costs (revenues) of products (digestate, recycled products) per ton of feedstock processed in EUR/t.

The financial performance of SYSTEMIC partner plants was analysed by application of the five KPIs.

Every plant is compared to the median of all seven SYSTEMIC partner plants for every indicator, plainly exhibiting the differences in terms of approaches and performances. KPIs have proven to be useful highlighting the areas of activity that contribute to the profitability and those that do not. Furthermore, KPIs can help the management identify the areas that should be further assessed for improvement options. However, SYSTEMIC business cases can already be used as a role model for anaerobic digestion plants due to mostly using organic waste based feedstock and having implemented the equipment for effective product recycling. NRR systems are in all cases contributing to the profitability, clearly exhibited by the two cases that have operated digesters with conventional digestate handling until recently.

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