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SYSTEMIC releases final policy note

As is now well recognised, recovering and reusing nutrients from biowaste is a crucial component of a biobased circular economy and will contribute to Europe’s transition to a carbon neutral economy, can support the decoupling of economic growth from resource use, and help restore biodiversity and cut pollution. However, the full potential of nutrient recovery […]

Updated flow diagrams for the demostration plants

Each of the SYSTEMIC demonstration plants have chosen a different technological system for nutrient recovery.  The system chosen depends on the end products the plant wants, and wishes to sell, and the biowaste they are processing.  To see a clear updated visual of the plants, thier technology and the system flow, have a look at […]

Final event at ManureResource

The SYSTEMIC project will be showcasing it final results at the ManureResource conference on 24th November in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. To register for the ManureResource, and join the final SYSTEMIC event, go to https://www.vcm-mestverwerk ing.be/en/manuresource/23020/registration The SYSTEMIC event will be divided into two parts, as below: Session I: Performance, agronomical aspects and practical experiences (24/11/2021 […]

Living labs meeting a Groot Zevert demo plant

The H2020 project SYSTEMIC organised a Living Lab meeting and site visits to demonstration plant Groot Zevert Vergisting (GZV, Netherlands) and Benas (Germany). Highlight of the two-day visit was the new paper moulding machine at BENAS were organic fibres from digestate are turned into cardboard products. At the first day, the group of representatives of […]

Lessons learnt from five large-scale demonstration plants

Five large biogas plants participating in SYSTEMIC  project as demonstration plants, have constructed innovative nutrient recovery and recycling (NRR) installations and developed new business cases over the course of the project. The five biogas plants convert biowaste, animal manure and sewage sludge into valuable organic and mineral fertilising products. Though they each operate under unique […]

Can the inclusion of nutrient recovery in the EU ETS scheme support its growth?

Five large biogas plants participating in SYSTEMIC[1], have installed and successfully demonstrated anaerobic digestion with full scale technical nutrient recovery and recycling. Several digestate derived N fertilisers show nutrient use efficiencies equivalent to synthetic N fertilisers and are compliant with proposed “RENURE[2]” (“REcovered Nitrogen from manure”) criteria – for animal by-product-derived fertilising products. However, revenues […]

Watch again our online webinar!

If you missed our online webinar on “Enabling the Circular Economy: How to encourage a viable agricultural market for nutrients recovered from biowaste” you can now watch the recording here after providing your name and email address. The agenda of the event: AGENDA • Welcome and introduction to SYSTEMIC – Oscar SCHOUMANS, Coordinator of SYSTEMIC, […]

New Video!

Watch our new video on the recycling of nutrients for agriculture and what motivates biogas plants to get involved in nutrient recovery.  

SYSTEMIC webinar – Enabling a circular economy (27/5/2021)

Enabling a Circular Economy: How to encourage a viable agricultural market for nutrients recovered from biowaste Thursday 27th May: 1330-1530 – online webinar Recovering valuable nutrients from biowaste (food waste, manure, sewage sludge, municipal waste etc.) and adapting them for reuse in agriculture, is fundamental part of shifting European agriculture away from its current linear […]