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Flow diagrams of our demonstration plants

At SYSTEMIC we are demonstrating a variety of full-scale technologies for the recovery of mineral nutrients (N, P, K) while also working on the production of a number of (nutrient-depleted) organic soil improvers and fertilisers. How are these technologies implemented in our demonstration plants and what are the end products? We’ve produced flow diagrams of […]

New book on the recovery of mineral nutrients

Several SYSTEMIC partners have edited and authored chapters in a recently published book: Biorefinery of Inorganics: Recovering Mineral Nutrients from Biomass and Organic Waste. This book is an excellent resource to those wanting to get a comprehensive overview of the potential for mineral recovery from waste. It addresses technological issues but also contains economic, ecological, and […]

New date! ESNI Workshop

The European Sustainable Nutrient Initiative – ESNI – will be back  27 October 2020. Register here The first successful edition of ESNI provided a comprehensive overview on the opportunities and benefits of nutrient recycling to boost research, agriculture and sustainable development. The second edition reinforces this commitment.  Policy-makers, researchers, industry representatives and many other stakeholders will discuss […]

New date! Register now: SYSTEMIC Workshop

New date REGISTER HERE! Due to the ongoing measures regarding COVID-19 Corona Virus, the date of the event has now been moved to 26th October.  You will therefore need to re-register. This SYSTEMIC workshop will discuss ways in which European policy frameworks can better enable the financial viability of nutrient recovery from waste in Europe. […]

SYSTEMIC demo plant constructs new technology

The SYSTEMIC project’s Italian demonstration plant Acqua & Sole recently completed the construction of a new absorber unit which will increase the efficiency of removing ammonia from digestate. The unit will achieve this thanks to: the material that was used for its construction (Alloy 825), which allows to reach higher process temperature and is more […]

Second SYSTEMIC Living Lab meeting

A second SYSTEMIC Living Lab meeting in April 2020 will bring together the project’s demonstration, outreach and associated plants to discuss results of the business case evaluation and the first version of the Excel tool for cost-benefit analysis and technology selection. This tool was specifically developed to give biogas plant operators the possibility to assess […]

Acqua & Sole opens its doors to visitors

The SYSTEMIC demonstration plant Acqua & Sole held its annual open doors day on 21 September 2019, giving a broad, interested audience an opportunity to learn about the Nutrient Recovery and Re-use and Anaerobic Digestion carried out at the plant. In particular, biowaste – such as food from the production and consumption cycles – is […]