Business case and economical KPIs

Economic Key Performance Indicators can help to understand how an organisation is performing. KPI’s are quantifiable and KPI’s are quantifiable and are understood as a pillar of the biogas plants’ performance management system. They can be associated with targets which  the organisations should set and pursue and aim at quantifying their achievement.

In the context of the SYSTEMIC project, specific KPIs developed for biogas plants.

They translate the technical values into commercial indicators such as cost per unit of biogas, feedstock or digestate.

This report gives and overview of the developped commercial key performance indicators (KPIs) for biogas plants and their application to the Demonstration Plants.

The five demonstration plants operate according to individual business models and policies within determined regulatory and economic frameworks. The report evaluates the factors that make the difference between a viable and non-viable AD+NRR business in the states where the demonstration plants are located.



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