SYSTEMIC demo plant constructs new technology

The SYSTEMIC project’s Italian demonstration plant Acqua & Sole recently completed the construction of a new absorber unit which will increase the efficiency of removing ammonia from digestate.

The unit will achieve this thanks to:

  • the material that was used for its construction (Alloy 825), which allows to reach higher process temperature and is more acid-resistant; and
  • the new design, enabling an increased carrier gas flow rate that will result in improved ammonia removal.

Such an absorber unit broadens the selection of substrates and the efficiency of conversion of organic matter to biogas, resulting in higher electricity and heat outputs.

Additionally, it enables the production of ammonium sulphate and, consequently, expands the possibilities of developing new revenue streams from ammonium sulphate and of adapting the nutrient balance of the fertilising product to crop requirements; as well as result in higher biogas production.