SYSTEMIC at ManuREsource

Don’t miss out on SYSTEMIC sessions at ManuREsource (27-29 November 2019 – Hasselt, Belgium) – the international conference for exchange on policy measures for coping with manure surpluses, both in terms of manure management and manure treatment.

The event will also give an overview of current developments and innovations in manure treatment technologies and explore various valorisation strategies for manure, such as energy production and nutrient recovery.

SYSTEMIC will hold a session on ‘Digestate valorisation across the language border in Belgium’ – in French and Dutch only (register here) – which will discuss:

  • legislation, treatment, processing and application of digestate;
  • relevant case studies;
  • marketing and application of end products.

In addition, SYSTEMIC will be represented at the research parallel session and the round tables on ‘Nutrient recovery in wastewater treatment’ and the one dedicated to the SYSTEMIC outreach locations, all taking place on 28 November.

Finally, the conference site visits on 29 November will include SYSTEMIC outreach location Biogas Bree and associated plant Arbio bvba.