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Second SYSTEMIC Living Lab meeting

A second SYSTEMIC Living Lab meeting in April 2020 will bring together the project’s demonstration, outreach and associated plants to discuss results of the business case evaluation and the first version of the Excel tool for cost-benefit analysis and technology selection.

This tool was specifically developed to give biogas plant operators the possibility to assess the product quality of different types of bio-based fertilisers, based on the composition of their digestate.

Most of the bio-based fertilisers can be produced by combining different types of technology units. Each combination is called a cascade.

In this first version 0.1, pre-defined cascades have been set, described and will be evaluated by the outreach and associated plants. During the meeting, the plants will test the tool and discuss the outcome and opportunities for their own situation and region. This will lead to a further improvement of the tool.

The meeting will provide opportunities for interaction and networking among all present SYSTEMIC plants and the project consortium.

The second day of the Living Lab meeting will feature a site visit to one of the SYSTEMIC plants.