ManuResource conference 2017

The 3rd edition of the ManuREsource conference took place in Eindhoven in late November 2017 co-organized by SYSTEMIC partner VCM and also by the local hosting partner, the Nutrient Platform (The Netherlands). Bringing together 230 participants, the conference showcased the large variety of technologies currently available for nutrient and energy recovery from manure.

One of the sessions was exclusively devoted to the role of processed manure in the Nitrates Directive, chaired by VCM and ESPP. The SYSTEMIC consortium already presented a policy recommendation in October 2017 on the free trade of fertilising products to overcome innovation barriers stating, among other issues, that ‘an alignment with the Nitrates Directive is needed as nitrogenous mineral fertilising products from manure are defined as manure (article 2(g)) and are not yet seen as mineral fertilisers. This is an unintended barrier which today hinders the innovation of the recovery techniques to produce high value nitrogenous fertiliser products with a high nitrogen use efficiency. ‘

You can browse through pictures of the conference here. Note that downloadable material is only available to conference attendees.

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