SYSTEMIC is a H2020 project that will demonstrate a variety of NRR technologies for the recovery of mineral nutrients (N, P, K) and for the production of various (nutrient-depleted) organic soil improvers and fertilizers. The implementation of NRR technologies allows plant owners to process biowaste into user-specific products for the regional market.


SYSTEMIC aspires to produce fertilizers that are up to standard compared to synthetic products. In order to realize this ambition, product quality will be monitored and optimized in order to meet the criteria of the end users, who are naturally closely involved in the whole process.
This iteration process ensures that demonstration plants will produce user-specific products that can be applied in the nearby region.


SYSTEMIC will showcase the agronomic value of recovered products.

Practice abstracts to come soon!


The recovered N products can be used as N fertilizers while the N-reduced organic matter can be applied as a soil improver in the nearby region. The nutrient-reduced organic fraction will be used as a soil improver in the nearby region, while the recovered P will be used by ICL fertilizers as feedstock for the production of mineral P fertilizers, thereby replacing non-renewable rockphosphate resources.