Bio gas plant owner / operator

The plants

We have 5 demonstration plants located in 5 different countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Germany and the UK. Check out the details!


SYSTEMIC will demonstrate several technologies for the recovery of N from digestate including

  1. a novel combination of reverse osmosis and evaporator (AmPower)
  2. an improved inline N-stripper producing ammonium-sulphate (Acqua&Sole, Rika Biofuels)
  3. a newly developed N-stripping technology enabling N-recovery without the use of sulfuric acid (GNS)

At Groot Zevert (NL), SYSTEMIC will demonstrate the implementation of EU’s first integrated N,P stripper which enables the plant owner to remove a predefined fraction of P from the solid phase.

Business case

Information on the business cases from the demonstration plants will be delivered near the end of the project.

If you would like intermediate project results and learn from other biogas installations all over Europe? Read more.


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