Fridays Eggs, UK (Demonstration plant)

Plant description and innovation: At the UK location Fridays, an AD+NRR plant for processing 50.000 m³ of poultry manure is under construction with own investment costs of 12.8 M€, without requesting funding of the EU. The plant will be operational in 2019/20. Rika Bio fuels, as a project development and engineering company, will implement, demonstrate and evaluate the newly constructed AD plant and NRR system. The plant will be equipped with a fully integrated system for the anaerobic digestion and nutrient recovery, based on an advanced second-stage Mesolithic digester which allows for a better control of the pH during the digestion process and consequently a higher recovery of N from the dig estate.  Moreover, Fridays will implement a novel technology for the recovery of CO2 (released in the CO2 stripper) as liquid CO2 which has the potential to be used in horticulture or in the packaging industry.

Products & Benefits: Fridays will offering a feasible and sustainable solution for poultry manure by demonstrating the production of a range of mineral and organic products to be used in agriculture as well as in other sectors including biogas, liquid CO2, ammonium sulphate, phosphorus rich bio solids, and dried digestate fertiliser.

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