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New video: biobased fertiliser from animal manure

Watch this short video to find out how Groot Zevert Vergisting, the Netherlands – one of SYSTEMIC’s five demonstration plants – uses an injector that has been specifically designed and constructed for application of NK-concentrate to process animal manure into biobased fertiliser. This new installation was commissioned by the plant due to the inadequacy of […]

Open day at SYSTEMIC demo plant BENAS, Germany

Join the open day at the SYSTEMIC project’s demonstration biogas plant BENAS in Ottersberg, Germany on 13 July 2019. The open day will feature small tours of 20 people guided by the plant operator or engineers from the technology supplier GNS in German. An English site visit can be organised on demand – if interested, […]

New SYSTEMIC article on bio-based mineral fertilisers from agricultural waste

The SYSTEMIC project has published an open-access article on ‘Production and performance of bio-based mineral fertilisers from agricultural waste using ammonia (stripping-)scrubbing technology’ in the Waste Management Journal (April 2019). Read the abstract below. Development and optimisation of nutrient-recovery technologies for agricultural waste is on the rise, however their full-scale adoption is hindered by complex […]

Groot Zevert starts production of biobased fertilisers from pig slurry

Groot Zevert Vergisting B.V. (GZV), SYSTEMIC’s demonstration plant in the Netherlands (Beltrum, Achterhoek), has commissioned a new installation and started producing liquid NK-concentrates (nitrogen + potassium) from the liquid fraction of co-digested pig slurry. The product is further blended with ammonium sulphate and/or ammonia water which are recovered at other nutrient-recovery plants to meet the […]

A-farmers (Atria), Finland: a key SYSTEMIC outreach location

Atria is one of the leading food companies in the Nordic countries, Russia and the Baltic region. The group is divided into four business areas: Atria Finland; Atria Scandinavia; Atria Russia; and Atria Baltic. Atria Finland develops, manufactures and markets 100% Finnish fresh meat and other foodstuffs, and provides related services. It is the market […]

The SYSTEMIC Living Lab approach for Anaerobic Digester plants

What is the Living Lab approach? The SYSTEMIC project’s vision for Anaerobic Digester (AD) plants is for them to become catalysts for the valorisation of biowaste, in a context of multiple technologies recovering nutrients, organic matter and water from digestate being implemented. The five SYSTEMIC demonstration plants have already proven that this is possible. The […]

AM Power: a new technological solution for nutrient recovery

Disposing of digestate represents an important cost for organic waste-treatment plants. Each year, the SYSTEMIC demonstration plant AM Power generates 160 kt of digestate and strives to treat it in a cost-effective, efficient and relatively simple way, without a loss of nutrients. The plant has developed a technological solution for the recovery of nutrients into […]